Using Universe to keep track of your event registrations

Universe is a platform that allows users to purchase tickets and book events and service listings directly from their computers and smartphone devices. In order to use Uniiverse for your event, a free user account will have to be created before being able to list events.

Listings can be created from anywhere and browsed by location, category, price, or keywords. They are free for event hosts and for registrants as long as the event itself is free of charge.

Furthermore, Uniiverse provides valuable tools for getting the word out about events, making good use of the host’s events page in conjunction with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which will help maximize the impact of your event.

Make sure to keep track of your attendees by getting their email addresses. After your event, follow up with everyone who came out and thank them for helping make your event a success. Please send us the contact details of the people who came out to your event. This will allow us to help you keep your guests in the loop about next year’s Green Energy Doors Open.

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