Inviting Government Representatives

Use our sample invitation to government representatives! (Political_Leader_Invitation_Letter_2017)

Links to find contact info for your federal, provincial and municipal leaders:

Center: The Honourable Glen Murray, Ontario Minister of Environment and Climate Change at Plug n’ Drive’s  event 2016

We need Canada’s leaders to hear your story and see the positive impact your sustainable energy initiatives are having on your life, your community and your province. This is your opportunity to inspire! Visit and invite your local leaders to attend your event. Government representatives you may want to approach include your Chief and Council, your Member of Parliament (MP – Federal), your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP – Provincial), Mayor and Council (Municipal) and opposition candidates from all levels of government. You may also want to reach out to your Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade, key service clubs and fraternal organizations, faith leaders and other key figures that play an important role in your community.

Left: The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Canada’s Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs at ZooShare Biogas Cooperative’s event 2016

Seeing is believing and belief grows the number of champions willing to work to improve our policies, regulations and programs that support a thriving sustainable energy sector where we can all be conservers and generators, contributing to a high quality of life, a thriving industry, economic development, good jobs, resilient communities and healthy environments across the province.

Other local leaders: You may also consider modifying the template to invite members of your local chamber of commerce, service clubs, fraternal organizations and faith groups who play an important role in your community. 

How to engage government representatives:

  • Send an invitation to your event to the local, provincial and federal government representatives in your area by contacting their constituency office.
  • Always proof-read your text before sending it to avoid any typos.
  • Call their office within a reasonable amount of time to follow up.
  • Make face time – it’s as simple as greeting them at a public engagement or popping by their office.
  • When engaging them in a conversation around sustainable energy:
    • Understand their responsibilities.
    • Approach things the same way you approach the media…know your Primary Key Message.
    • Avoid long lists of demands. Opt instead for concrete actions…get them to come visit!
    • Provide local examples (such as the event) that support your claims.
    • Make sure you have the correct facts – do not risk losing credibility and don’t be afraid to say you don’t know but that you will find out.