Off Grid Passive Solar Home brought to you by the Ontario Natural Buildings Coalition

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24 September

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Living Sol Building & Design Sustainable Home


Off Grid Passive Solar Home brought to you by the Ontario Natural Buildings Coalition

Frank Tettemer has for the past thirty years developed creative solutions to shelter challenges. His knowledge is based on his extensive work and study in house design and building, fine woodworking, fireplace, and stone masonry. Cheryl Keetch’s experience in art and design and building materials management form a basis for combined excellence in artistic design and building efficiency. They live off-grid in a renewable energy home.

“Our house is 1700 sq. ft., two story, with the lower story earth sheltered on three sides with the south side exposed as a walk out. Roof and first floor overhang designs allow for shade in the summer and passive solar gain in the winter. The primary heat source, for space heating and domestic hot water, is an airtight wood stove, also used for most cooking and baking tasks for half the year. Back-up heat is radiant floor in the downstairs, fired by propane.

During the summer, domestic hot water is obtained through the use of flat plate solar collectors. This solar supply is useful only when the sunny days outnumber the grey days, as storage is only forty gallons. Thus, some propane is used to supplement during extended cloudy periods. Propane is also used for summer cooking.”

Learn more about this home at this year’s Green Energy Doors Open event happening all across Ontario a long with Alberta and B.C. This home tour is in collaboration with the Ontario Natural Buildings Coalition and their annual Ontario Natural Buildings Tour.

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