Net-zero Retrofit of a Toronto Semi-detached Home

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23 - 24September

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

70 Taunton Road


Net-zero Retrofit of a Toronto Semi-detached Home

We are currently completing the energy retrofit of existing semi-detached home in Toronto, so that it will be Net-zero.  This house will act as a case study and demonstration that it is possible to retrofit existing homes (single-family homes are a major contributor to Ontario’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions) in our climate.


We invite you to come take a look at the house to see the progress to date, and the strategies we are using to make it Net-zero.  There will be two tours a day  (1pm and 330pm) during Saturday and Sunday.  To Register visit:  To learn more about the net-zero energy retrofit visit:




Ontario’s climate action plan seeks to improve the energy efficiency and performance of buildings in order to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The province has identified that we need to take all buildings to Net-Zero or near Net-Zero Energy Use. This means upgrading the leaky, badly insulated homes which dominate much of Toronto and were built after World War 2.  To learn more visit a recent blog post:


We have made this home Net-Zero energy by adding external insulation, making the home air tight, replacing the original single-pane windows with new high performance triple-pane windows and doors, installing efficient heating and ventilation equipment, and mounting solar panels on the roof. These upgrades will make the home more comfortable, improve the appearance of the home, reduce energy consumption and therefore lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions.




The image above shows the rendering of finished project.  The photo below shows us conducting an initial blower door test.




About us:

Coolearth is a sustainable architecture firm in with offices in Toronto and Parry Sound, Ontario. We strive to provide environmentally sound architectural solutions on all projects where practical. Our services include site selection, project definition, design, contract/permit documents, contract administration, tendering and consultant selection. We also offer have a Passive House Trained Designer on staff.

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