Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Energy Doors Open?

Green Energy Doors Open is a province-wide communications campaign and showcase of individual, community and commercial sustainable energy projects organized and spearheaded by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. The showcase is made up of different events across the province hosted by businesses, organizations, community groups and individuals that want to promote their sustainable energy project/initiative to the public.

What is the purpose of Green Energy Doors Open?

Green Energy Doors Open aims to increase awareness, support and enthusiasm around sustainable energy and enhance energy education.

When is the showcase weekend?

The showcase is taking place on September 22, 23, 24th. The Ottawa region is hosting the Green Energy Doors Open showcase the following weekend September 30th-October 1st http://www.ottawagedo.org/. Event hosts can choose to participate on one or more of the showcase dates. The showcase is FREE to participate in and to attend.

Who are the event hosts?

Any person, business, organization or community group with a sustainable energy project/initiative they want to promote can participate as an event host. During the Green Energy Doors Open showcase, host will be holding events to showcase their projects and invite people to learn and see what they do.

What kinds of hosts have participated in the past?

We have had companies and organizations from all different sectors hosting events (solar, biogas, community groups, community energy cooperatives, net- zero housing, architects, developers, environmental groups, energy storage, municipalities, breweries and more!). See past events and event hosts

What was the showcase like last year?

The 2016 showcase was a huge success with 150 events and 9,000 attendees across Ontario. This year we are aiming to have 170 events with over 10,000 in attendance to spread energy education and enthusiasm across Ontario.

Who comes to the events? What is the audience like?

The audience is quite diverse and dependent on the event. The type of people who typically come to the showcase events are people from the renewable energy industry, clients and people from your network, families, students, and people who have a general interest in energy and sustainability.

What is the average number of attendees for each event?

Last year, the average event turn out was 20-40 people. However, attendance is dependent on the event and space. Some of the bigger events had over 200 people at their event. SmartNet Alliance’s energy and EV showcase attracted over 1,000 attendees.

How much does it cost to participate?

Green Energy Doors Open is FREE to participate in as a host and to attend. If a host would like to book a venue, provide food & beverage, book a speaker etc.the hosts will have to cover those costs.

What does being a host entail? What kind of work to I have to put in?

The event hosts organize and promote their events to their network and the local community. OSEA will provide support with event ideas and organization, send materials and resources to help you promote your event and promote your organization and event on our social media channels, blog, podcast, videos.

  1. Plan and organize your event: As a participating Green Energy Doors Open host you will be organizing your own individual event that will take place during the showcase September 22, 23, 24; or September 30- October if you are located in the Ottawa region. You can choose to participate on one or more days of the showcase. The kind of event you organize is up to you; See past events and hosts for examples
  2. Submit your event on our website: Once your event details are confirmed, you will need to submit your event details on our website so that we can help promote your event. By having your event on the website, people will be able to see all the events that are happening in their communities. The more details on our website, the more attractive for people to come and visit your event //gedoon.ca/events-2/submit-event/
  3. Promote your event: Promote your event to your network and friends via email, social media, newsletters, website etc. We will provide graphics and resources to help organize and promote your event. We also send free promotional materials for you to hand out to attendees during your event. Stay tuned for 2017 resources!
  4. Connect with Green Energy Doors Open: on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with showcase details and so we can help support your event on social media

For any questions, please contact Janis at janis.wilkinson@ontario-sea.org or (416) 977-441 x3 or GEDO Program Coordinator Nick Hebb at nick@ontario-sea.org  (613) 266-7355