Energy Literacy

Here are some helpful resources to build your energy literacy:

empowerme-210x118A website developed and managed by the Ontario Ministry of Energy where you can learn about Ontario’s electricity system. Find out how you consume energy, ways to save energy and where your energy comes from.



ieso-2015-logoThis interactive map illustrates the many components that make up Ontario’s energy system. Click on each layer to reveal information on Ontario’s 21 energy planning regions, local distribution company service areas, transmission, generation, and the oil and gas pipeline network. Each layer of the map can be displayed independently with some combined for comparison.


PowerMatrixGameImageAn interactive game where you can supply your city with the perfect energy mix. Build power plants and use wind, solar, and hydropower. Balance your resources: That’s how  your city will become wealthy, grow, and prosperity in a clean environment – and you will become the successful energy manager of POWER MATRIX city.




OER-logo-header Ontario Energy Report is an initiative by the Ontario Ministry of Energy, in partnership with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and other agencies, to make more meaningful information available about the energy sector. Ontario Energy Report includes content from the Ministry of Energy, IESO, Ontario Energy Board, Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation all in one place. The site provides links to agency and ministry reports and also houses quarterly Ontario Energy Reports.