Alberta Green Energy Doors Open

Green Energy Doors Open in Alberta

OSEA is excited to continue partnering with Decentralized Energy Canada (DEC) in Alberta. GEDO 2017 will mark the 4th year that DEC is hosting the GEDO showcase weekend in Alberta.

GEDO showcases the most pioneering projects in Alberta. GEDO encourages users, producers and advocates of sustainable and decentralised energy to open their doors in order to raise awareness, understanding and support for sustainable energy by providing Albertans  with the opportunity to visit, see, touch and talk about the projects in their backyard.

If you or anyone in your network lives or is doing business in Alberta and would like to get involved, please contact Ana Medina from DEC at  or (403) 210-5342. We would love to have you involved as a host, partner or sponsor in Alberta.

Visit the Green Energy Doors Open Alberta to see past events and stay updated on upcoming 2017 events.

About DEC:

Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC) is a registered, national, non-profit technology accelerator. DEC builds the competitive advantages of our members by supporting the commercialisation of Decentralised Energy (DE) technologies, bringing policy issues to the table, attracting capital and new entrants to this key industry sector.

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