SMARTpreneur of the year

By: Craig Stephens (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

Ryan Duffy, Founder and CEO of Blackstone Energy Services Inc., was awarded as the 2017 SMARTpreneur of the year at the 7th annual Powering Prosperity Awards ceremony hosted by OSEA. Ryan was recognized for his creativity and ambition in founding and growing the successful company in the energy management sector. Founding Blackstone Energy Services Inc. in 2003, Ryan’s company now manages over $2 billion in energy commodities on behalf of their clients in the municipal, industrial, hospital, real estate, telecommunications, food manufacturing, retail/entertainment, and biofuels industries.

Blackstone’s mission is to help their customers protect themselves against rising energy costs, as well as to provide the most relevant and advanced energy solutions to ensure that clients save, sustain and thrive at the crossroads of environmental responsibility. Over the past 14 years the company has helped clients benefit of approximately $175 million in avoided cost all while providing the most sustainable options.

While starting as a 2-person operation in 2003, Blackstone now provides many high-quality jobs to over 45 employees from various backgrounds. From these professionals Ryan has handpicked a team in order to carry out Blackstone’s mission of “creating good energy” called the Energy Solutions team. The Energy Solutions team specifically helps hospitals, universities and condominiums minimize their energy consumption and carbon footprint by providing research, education and information, auditing and performing on-site retrofits based on their needs and goals.

Ryan has been acknowledged in the sector for his hard work and dedication building his company, but not losing focus on the goals of a more sustainable future. He is a well-respected leader by his peers and colleagues, and is a person to follow seeing as he always has an interesting new project or idea in the works.

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