Silfab Solar – Winner of the Manufacturer of the Year Award

By: Mike Skirzynski (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

OSEA was very pleased to award Silfab Solar as this year’s manufacturer of the year at the Powering Prosperity Awards Gala for their technologically advanced manufacturing processes, which produce high-efficiency and high-reliability modules on an international scale. At their Ontario-based fully automated facility, Silfab is able to produce 300 megawatts of solar modules per year which is equivalent to over 550 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. One of Silfab’s technological innovations has been bifacial modules which offers ultra-high efficiency, and competitively priced Ontario-made modules.

This innovative module was developed in partnership with ISC Konstanz, a German research institute, and Megacell S.r.I. The module uses a secondary surface to capture more light than conventional modules to generate clean, renewable energy. The module is also extremely resistant to degradation over the long-term due to Silfab’s high level of quality and precision at their automated manufacturing facility. In addition to advancing solar panel manufacturing, Silfab has also taken steps to reduce the footprint of the manufacturing process of solar modules.

Silfab has enacted several water and energy conservation policies at its factory, and due to the highly-automated nature of their business they are constantly striving to invest in more efficient machinery. Silfab is also tackling the issue of end-of-life solar modules head on, both by ensuring that their modules are made with the highest quality standards to last up to 30 years, and by offering an end-of-life recycling program to all of its customers. Even the packaging for their modules is fully recyclable, bringing Silfab ahead of many other manufacturers globally, and emphasizing their commitment to the environment. Therefore, making them the Manufacturer of the Year for this year’s Powering Prosperity Awards.

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