Coolearth Architecture Inc. Building for the Future

By: Nayel Halim (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

Coolearth Architecture Inc. is a sustainable architecture firm that seeks to find new architectural solutions that are environmentally sound and goes well beyond the traditional. They embrace innovative technologies that improve energy efficiency, promote conservation, and generate savings on all their projects.

They provide a range of services that include site selection, energy audits and retrofits, retail interior design, adaptive re-use, custom home building, and rural and urban infill.

They have also produced a variety of sustainable projects. Their innovative Passive House makes use of unique design principles that greatly increases the energy efficiency of a building. This typically reduces its energy consumption by almost 90% compared to conventional buildings! In addition, clients also benefit from increased comfort since temperatures are even and comfortable in all rooms from floor-to-ceiling.

This is achieved through the Passive House design strategy, which looks at ways to minimize heating and cooling demand through state-of-the-art green building technologies. These include air-tightness, passive solar design, well-insulated windows, heat recovery and ventilation systems (that are becoming very efficient!) and smart design to minimize heat transfer. The integration of triple pane windows also mean that sounds coming from say, noisy neighbours, is virtually eliminated.
It is interesting to note that Passive House design was first experimented with in Saskatchewan!
Other projects in Coolearth’s portfolio include an off-grid net-zero ecocabin, zero energy town homes, and an Aerostructures building tasked by Bombardier Aerospace. More information on Coolearth’s specific green technologies can be found at

With their extensive experience in the practice of sustainable architecture in Ontario, Coolearth is ideally positioned to make a positive impact on the future. Today’s energy efficiency standards within the building industry could use some improvement and Coolearth is making meaningful changes by taking progressive strides towards sustainable home building in Canada.

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