Canadian Energy puts Canadian Renewable Energy Technology at the Global Forefront

By: Nayel Halim (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

Canadian Energy was this year’s winner of the Sustainable Project of the Year Award at OSEA’s 7th annual Powering Prosperity Awards event for their leadership in renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart design.

This Canadian owned and operated energy company is an industry leader that designs and manufactures various renewable energy and energy storage products. These include solar panels, inverters, batteries, and back up power components. Many of their products are “Canada Proof” and are field-proven to tolerate Canada’s extreme weather conditions, thereby offering long-term value for its customers.

Canadian Energy aims to build a greener future by installing renewable energy, in its various forms, across Canada. Its growing list of completed renewable energy products include implementing a micro grid system to supply backup energy for electric vehicles at the Vanier parking lot at York University, and establishing a solar PV system in Sunfind Solar Grand Forks to allow the museum to generate all of their own energy on an annual basis. Canadian Energy has also worked with the Lubicon First Nations where they developed a system that promotes renewable energy, as well as educating community members about the benefits of cleaner and more efficient ways of generating and consuming energy. These energy projects inevitably help communities develop energy self-sufficiency, build cleaner environments, while also offering backup support in case of emergencies.

Canadian Energy, in collaboration with Solar Ship Inc. developed the Brantford off-grid hangar project. Canadian energy provided their expertise and oversaw system implementation during the course of its development. The project demonstrates the transition towards reliable and independent energy systems, where off-grid buildings can now cost-effectively supply their own power needs using solar power and battery storage as opposed to relying traditional sources such as grid electricity and diesel generators.

Learn more about Canadian Energy here

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