Anvil Crawler Development Corp. paving the way for Renewable Energy in Ontario

By: Nayel Halim (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

Anvil Crawler Development Corp. was this year’s winner of the Developer of the Year Award at OSEA’s 7th annual Powering Prosperity Awards dinner celebrating Ontario’s sustainable energy champions.

Anvil Crawler is a sustainable developer that seeks to reduce Canada’s reliance on traditional fuel sources by offering alternative and sustainable solutions for electricity consumers. With the lack of energy storage options hindering progress of the Green energy sector, this energy developer is finding solutions by developing sustainable options for energy production and storage.

Anvil Crawler designs and builds robust and fully customizable products that make them adaptable when meeting the requirements of its clients. In the span of just a year, they have developed various products that range from solar systems, energy storage devices, backup power systems, and electric vehicle charging stations. The Anvil Power Plant for example can be configured to either connect to the region’s main electricity gird, or be arranged independently in an off grid setup. Its rugged design and freeze-tolerant components are made to withstand Canada’s harsh winters. In addition, customers can remotely monitor and access all the energy data from the AC Power House online.

It is worth mentioning that Anvil Crawler participated in last years Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO) event. This annual event spearheaded by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) showcases the sustainable energy projects of green businesses, industry developers, households, and community cooperatives. For last year’s event, people were welcome to tour their manufacturing facility on September 9, 2016. Over 100 attendees attended the open house event in Elora, Ontario. They comprised of investors, as well as green energy sector professionals and prospective clients. Visitors were also free to tour their off-grid Anvil Power House electric vehicle car charger and their off-grid construction job site trailers that were on for display. Anvil Crawler staff provided tours of the facilities and presented information on its shelf of products and services, while being on hand to answer questions.

Anvil Crawler is currently developing several commercial solar-generating facilities across Ontario through private and public partnerships. By combining their expertise in renewable energy, the electrical industry, and construction, Anvil Crawler is thus taking practical approaches towards establishing renewable energy systems that not only benefit the environment by avoiding carbon emissions and saving electricity costs, but also facilitate Ontario’s transition towards a cleaner and greener energy system.

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