Bullfrog Power – Winner of the 20/20 Leader of the Year Award

By: Mike Skirzynski (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

OSEA was very pleased to award Bullfrog power this years’ 20/20 Leader of the Year Award at the 7th annual Powering Prosperity awards, recognizing their contributions to advancing renewable energy across Canada. Those who walk along pathways in Canada may be familiar with Bullfrog’s logo on the lawns of households who have chosen to green their electricity by signing up with the company. However, Bullfrog does more than provide homeowners a means to clean up their electricity, it also offers these bundles to condo and apartment owners, as well as businesses of any size; they even offer packages to students for as little at $5 to power their laptops using renewable energy!

But how does this work? It’s not as though a student’s laptop is literally connected to a wind turbine (though solar powered laptops do exist…). Instead, any contribution to Bullfrog goes towards the generation of clean energy by Bullfrog’s facilities, and a portion of this contribution also goes towards the development of community projects. It is through this mechanism that Bullfrog has been able to contribute to the development of over 70 community-based renewable energy projects across Canada. Some of these projects include the Lubicon Lake Band solar project (right in the middle of Alberta’s Tar Sands!), ZooShare (using animal waste from the Toronto Zoo to generate electricity), and SolarShare (allowing community members to invest in solar energy projects across Ontario).

Bullfrog Power has not only successfully implemented a model that enables all of Canada to participate in the renewable energy transition, but has also leveraged this model to produce meaningful, positive impact in communities across the country. Through their community impacts and accessibility, Bullfrog has been, and continues to be instrumental in the push towards 100% renewable energy. Be sure to check them out! https://www.bullfrogpower.com/



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