YSEC Supports Sustainable Business

By: John Connell (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

Founded in 2004, York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants (YSEC) combines the skills of current and former students in York University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Masters in Environmental Studies (MES) programs to provide research and advisory services in the area of sustainable business. The group’s collective experience spans environmental consulting, strategic planning, finance, planning, waste management, sustainable/renewable energy, project management, and industrial design. Spanning these diverse professional backgrounds, YSEC’s consultants share a common aim: to advance social, environmental and economic sustainability by promoting responsible business strategies and practices.

Complete with faculty oversight from accomplished Business & Sustainability academics, YSEC provides a professional outlet for MES and MBA students to engage their cutting-edge research, innovation, and problem-solving skills in the broadly defined sustainability sphere. YSEC uses forward-thinking business acumen and progressive environmental and sustainability research to help clients achieve effective, innovative, and sustainable project results. The interdisciplinary skills of our consultants make YSEC an unmatched graduate student led consultancy that can help clients create and discover the solutions they need in order to help build a more prosperous and sustainable future.

YSEC is a partner and contributor to the Green Energy Doors Open communications campaign and annual showcase, highlighting the sustainable energy initiatives and projects in Ontario. Last year, participating YSEC consultants attended a variety of ongoing Green Energy Doors Open events and provided coverage for the events via OSEA’s blog. YSEC and OSEA look forward to strengthening their ties for upcoming events in order to promote a growing green and solar energy industry here in Ontario.

Contact Co-Managing Director Ashelyn Fung (afung@ysec.ca) for opportunities to work with York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants for your sustainability project needs. Visit http://ysec.ca/ and follow us on Twitter @YSEC_CA