WSDG Tours OSEA’s Green Energy Doors Open 2016

By: Waterloo Sustainable Development Group (WSDG)


Alfarra, Castellan and Chow at Anvil Crawler

WSDG partners Tarek Alfarra and Ian Chow took part in this year’s edition of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s “Green Energy Doors Open” province-wide three-day expo where they toured and cemented links with a number of participating community and commercial sustainable energy entities and businesses across Ontario, Canada.

In Elora, Alfarra and Chow visited Anvil Crawler Development Corp’s offices – located in a purpose built 500 KW solar building – and examined their new off-grid electric vehicle car charger and portable and scalable off-grid “AC Power House”, which is designed to provide a 24-hour solar energy output.

They also met with Jason Castellan, CEO of Skyline (Anvil Crawler partner company), who along with Anvil’s President Mark Dupuis, showcased various renewable energy solutions and a prototype off-grid full-scale home energy supply system that is run entirely on a high capacity solar array and battery storage system, which also powers a number of Tesla electric vehicles.


Alfarra and Young at Hydrostor

On Toronto Island, Alfarra and Chow toured Hydrostor’s innovative and environmentally friendly Underwater Compressed Air Energy Storage facility, which seeks to confront the issues of “renewable intermittency, grid load balancing, reserve capacity, and peak shaving”. Offering the tour was Eng. Davin Young.


Solar System at Mennonite Central Committee

In the Waterloo Region, they visited the newly constructed rooftop solar system at Mennonite Central Committee Ontario. The system is a joint project with a community energy development cooperative that allows individuals to invest in solar projects and earn returns on their investment. They also toured an R2000 net-zero high performance demonstration house in Guelph.

WSDG continues to identify and establish partnerships with Canadian companies and entities that offer solutions in sustainable development.

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