Steam Whistle Brewing Celebrates Green Initatives

By: Francine Mansur Telles

Steam Whistle is well – known to ‘do one thing really really well’, which is making fantastic a world class Pilsner. However, after touring their brewery during Green Energy Doors Open, it is clear that they do more than one thing; they are one of Canada’s greenest breweries and are creating ways to help save our planet through their many green initiatives.


For this year’s Green Energy Doors Open, Steam Whistle hosted a plant party and green energy facility tour. Visitors were given a chance to plant herbs of their choice in Steam Whistle cans. The second part consisted of a tour around the Steam Whistle brewery facility showing how they have taken a number of ways to streamline waste and pollution generated by their energy consumption. They strive to impact the community in a positive way and showcase corporate responsibility in their operations. Some of Steam Whistle’s green initiatives include:



Steam Whistle only uses 4 simple ingredients, barley, hops, spring water and yeast to brew their pilsner. All of these ingredients are GMO free and are naturally sourced.



Steam Whistle uses 100% recycled products for all of their packaging needs. Their bottles are 30% heavier than the industry standard glass bottles, which means that they can be washed and used up to 45 times, that’s 3 times more than the industry standard brown bottle. Along with painting the labels onto the bottles, Steam Whistle additionally reduces the need for paper, ink and glue that is otherwise common on labeled bottles.

Green Energy

One of the greatest initiatives taken by any brewery in the industry is to use clean renewable energy. By partnering with Bullfrog Power, Steam Whistle ensures that 100% of their electricity requirement is matched by green energy going onto the grid. Bullfrog’s energy comes from a blend of wind and other Canadian renewable energy sources that have acquired the EcoLogo certification.

Cleaner Fuel

One of the greatest contributors to pollution comes from transportation. In order to combat this, Steam Whistle uses bio-diesel in its delivery trucks. By using cleaner burning fuel, Steam Whistle is able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Not only do they have bio-diesel trucks, but they also have RETRO ELECTRO, a vintage hot rod powered by 100% green electricity that can be seen at special events and delivering beer around town. By maintaining this sustainable fleet they are able to realize not only a huge impact on fuel efficiency but significantly reduce fuel costs as well.


Innovative Climate Control

By using Enweaves Deep Water Cooling System, Steam Whistle is able to avoid producing 79 tons of carbon dioxide a year from air conditioning. By drawing icy cold water from deep within Lake Ontario, through large pipes that run through out the facility, Steam Whistle is able to provide a comfortable working environment for their staff while avoiding large environmental costs of running an air conditioning system that relies on harmful CFCs.


These are only some of the ways, which were highlighted during the tour that make Steam Whistle unique and truly sustainable. Their step towards creating a sustainable facility while maintaining both profits and a great product show their commitment towards the environment and local community. By being environmentally conscious, Steam Whistle has become one of the most sustainable beer producing facilities in Ontario. Their continued efforts towards green energy and sustainability are an example to be followed by others in the industry. SPROUT! Was a great event, which enabled people from the local community to connect with the brewery and learn about their green initiatives.

To learn more about Steam Whistle’s green initiatives, please visit: