Young Professionals Leading the Way

By: Craig Stephens (York Sustainable Enterprise Consultants)

ELSE (emerging leaders for solar energy), is a network of young professionals, students, and solar advocates who want to build a strong solar energy future across Canada.

ELSE fosters these leaders by providing participants with new skills and knowledge, professional development opportunities, and connections within industry and government.

Through working groups, events, online discussions, public campaigns and policy work, ELSE facilitate honest and thought-provoking public discussions about solar energy, its benefits, and its place in Canada’s energy supply mix.

ElSE operates through specific committees, including projects, programs, events and communications. The committees are open to any ELSE general members who wish to play a more active role in supporting the organization.


This year, ELSE’s Solar Ambassadors Program, which aims to empower university and college students to engage their campus with the latest industry facts, technology, policy, and career opportunities, will be holding events for Green Energy Doors Open 2016. Below are a few interesting events ELSE will be hosting, so be sure to check them out if you’re in the area.

At Ottawa University, ELSE is teaming up with the SUNLAB Solar Energy Research Group to showcase the leading-edge research that is being done at the SUNLAB’s facilities at the university. This will include tours of the premier solar energy research lab and test sites with the aim of educating the public about the initiatives that are being undertaken in the field of solar energy and the importance of continued growth in the research supporting this industry.

At Waterloo University, ELSE will be hosting an event alongside Community CarShare, Affordable Energy for Humanity, and the Waterloo Global Science Initiative. These organizations will be connecting with the community and educating them about their efforts in the field of renewable energy, green energy in Waterloo and how the community can get involved.

At Carleton University, ELSE will be showing the schools Centre for Home energy Research (CHEeR) house which is a state of the art research facility that makes use of the most recent and groundbreaking technologies for research with the aim of reducing the overall energy demands.

For more information about ELSE Canada, their projects, events, programs, or how to get involved visit their website

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