Passive House Tour with Architect, Jane Wilson

By: Jane Wilson

A newly constructed home built to Passive House standards for an architect and her husband. The house is super insulated and oriented to work with the sun throughout the year – large windows to captured the sun during the cold months and shading to block the sun in the summer. The house also is protected from winter winds, but open to summer breezes.

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The exterior of the house is simple, but a striking reflection of the local farming environment. The materials are low maintenance, as is the landscaping. The siting of the house combined with the natural landscaping gives privacy and encourages the residents to feel close to local flora and fauna.

 The architect has spent a lot of time camping and traveling, and wanted the house to capture the feeling of freedom during those activities. The spaces are efficient and practical – easy to keep clean, not fussy and designed to create a free flowing space that opens up to the nature beyond the large windows.

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As Jane puts it, “our home is our basecamp”. Both the architect and her husband, an accountant, work from home and intend on continuing to do so for many years as they age. Aging in place is an important part of the design and include accessibility, but also low maintenance and low energy costs.

 The couple were fortunate in having found “The Conscious Builder” to build the house. After the major construction was completed, the couple took on fitting out the interior themselves, making the space their own. Many of the built-ins and furnishings were built from recycled construction leftovers giving the home a unique personality.
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As an architect, Jane brings good design to each project through listening communicating, and drawing on many years of observing what works. Each project is special, each client is special, and each site has both potential and constraints.

Visit Jane Wilson’s passive home during the Green Energy Doors Open sustainable energy showcase Sunday September 11th and learn firsthand from the architect herself about sustainable design and living.