20 Minutes to a More #Sustainable Community

A local resident of Barrie, Ontario – Steve Barker – called and asked what events would be coming up for Green Energy Doors Open in his area this year. His interest in understanding how sustainable projects & strategies work in the Barrie area was very apparent.

Steve went on to say that he, along with his wife Laura, have really tried to contribute in small ways.

For a part of their weekend, Steve and Laura took their kids, Matthew and Sophia, out on a “field trip” near their home. It only took 30 minutes, 10 of which were spent walking to and from an actual field.

20 minutes.

Steve’s family spent 20 minutes picking up garbage. Bottles, cans, plastic, wrappers, whatever wasteful and useless stuff that was either throw there or got blown by the wind.

No one asked them to. No one else was with them, however, they did it with a purpose in mind and they did it as a family. They showed respect and appreciation for their community.

“If every community member or family spent 20 minutes a month cleaning up in their local area, think about how much cleaner & greener it would be. This is a goal that is 100% achievable.”

Steve Barker – Local Resident , Barrie, Ontario

What is even a better part to this story is that after the Barker family did their small part, Steve used social media to post out what his family did.

An old friend that he hadn’t spoken to in a few years reached out and told Steve that he thought it was a fabulous idea and that he was going to do it with his family in Brampton. Others starting responding as well.

All it took was 20 minutes, as a family to help their community and Steve even reconnected with an old friend – who is also going to help his community.

Thank you from Green Energy Doors Open to the Barker Family in Barrie. We appreciate that GEDO has spread positive energy in your community and that you support GEDO all year long!