#GEDONA Gives Back Naturally in Niagara

A thoughtful donation was made in Niagara, to the people of the area – back in 2004. And it is still, indeed, a THOUGHTFUL donation.

Heartland Forest sits on 39 acres of protected wetlands and was donated by Founder Dan Bouwman,  who purchased the land in 1999, rescuing it from industrial development. Over the years Dan’s dedication has led to the construction of barrier-free forest trails with outdoor learning centres, one of the largest tree houses in Canada with a 210 foot ramp, a turtle pond with ramped lookouts, a fish &  frog pond with boardwalks, to provide a place that is easily accessible for anyone to visit and appreciate.  It even has an accessible & barrier free mini-golf area & train tour.

With hundreds of local species of flora & fauna, Heartland Forest also provides year round education to schools and access to the pubic.

Green Energy Doors Open Gives Back

This year, a donation was made in the name of Green Energy Doors Open to Heartland by providing a free May class field trip for a local grade 7 class from Greendale Public School. The kids spent the day learning about and exploring the forest, including a scavenger hunt and interaction with species of protected salamanders, snakes and more.

Heartland Forest’s Mission is “to build healthy children and communities who feel a deep connection to the natural world” and with over 20,000 people visiting a year with numerous events and presentations, Heartland is helping to build awareness in the Niagara region.

On September 11th, Green Energy Doors Open will have a Family Forest Photo event at Heartland Forest, from 1 pm to 4 pm, including tours around Heartland and the chance to meet and discuss sustainability and conservation with local energy associations & businesses at the Pavilion located on the grounds.

Please join us in Niagara or come out and visit one of the hundreds of events that will be ongoing over September 9th, 10th and 11th across Ontario & Alberta.