Short Family’s Residential Solar

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Name of Project: Short Family’s Residential Solar

Type of Project: Solar Energy: PV + Thermal

Location: 5 Randolph Road Toronto, ON M4G 3R6 Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Size of Installation: PV: 3.2 kW Thermal: ~ 5’ x 12’

Actual/Estimated Generation Output Per Year:

PV: 3,600 – 3,800 kWh/yr

Actual/Estimated Cost Savings Per Year:

PV: (revenue) $2,800 – $3,000/yr

Actual/Estimated Energy Savings Per Year:

Thermal: $150 – $250/yr (natural gas)

Ownership Model:

PV: micro-FIT contract (2010 – 2030)

Thermal: pre-heats water fed into natural gas domestic hot water heater

Owner: Homeowner – both PV and thermal systems

Builder(s)/Equipment Supplier(s)/Developer(s):

PV: 15x Sanyo 210W HIT panels, 15x Enphase 210 micro-inverters

Thermal: drainback, 48x evacuated tubes over 2x arrays

Description: I embrace solar energy, because it will shortly become a very important form of energy for our modern economy. Installing it on my own home allowed me to accomplish a number of benefits beyond anything financial:

(i) help the environment

(ii) educate my young sons on harnessing the sun

(iii) be a local demonstration site for my community with the objective of helping to demystify alternative energy.

(Tim Short, 2014)