EVPV Stevie’s House

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Name of Project: EVPV Stevie’s House

Type of Project: Electric Vehicle Charging, Photovoltaics, energy efficiency lighting/ appliances

Street: 72 Nanaimo Cres
City, Province: Stoney Creek, ON Postal Code: L8E0E1
Region: Hamilton/ Niagara

Size of Installation: 7.68 kWh solar array, $0.549/ kWh microfit rate, 30 amp Sun Country Highway level 2 charging station

Actual/Estimated Generation Output Per Year: 8.5 MWh solar output
Actual/Estimated Cost Savings Per Year: Annual Solar Generation $4,500 – $1,000 electricity consumption = $3,500 net per year. Estimate 6.2 year simple payback and 15% ROI.

Actual/Estimated Energy Savings Per Year: 8.5 MWh solar output, consumption 7.2 MWh including driving electric vehicles and providing free EV charging to travelers/ guests.

Vehicle Ownership Model: 2012 Chevy Volt and Via Motors SolTrux

Home Owners: Stephen Bieda & Roberta Vervloet

Builder(s)/Equipment Supplier(s)/Developer(s):

  • Solar installer FRESCO Ltd, electric vehicle charging station installer JML Electric
  • LDK monocrystalline panels, SolarEdge inverters
  • Solar Electric Roof Venting


“What I love about GEDO is that it is a great opportunity to connect with my neighbourhood and my family in a way that is really positive and energizing from a sustainability perspective. Last year we had dozens of friends with electric vehicles come from around the region to support the event as well as solar and EV infrastructure experts on hand so there was a full spectrum of technology showcased for everyone to see and learn more about. Our MP Wayne Marston and the local media came out too. I know we inspired many people from the neighbourhood to take real steps towards mitigating climate change on a personal level and towards being more interested in the conservationist lifestyle. Getting people to think more critically about their choices in life isn’t easy but we applaud OSEA for doing a great job in this department. We plan to participate in GEDO for many years to come.

-Stephen Bieda
Sun Country Highway – www.SunCountryHighway.ca
Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association (GHEVA) – www.GHEVA.org