Morninglory: Strawbale Home sponsored by the Ontario Natural Buildings Coalition

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24 September

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Morninglory: Strawbale Home


Morninglory: Strawbale Home sponsored by the Ontario Natural Buildings Coalition

Morninglory Farm, founded in 1969 near Killaloe, is an intentional community of 26 residents (14 adults, 12 children) co-operating in 9 separate family households on 100 hilly acres of woods, fields, gardens, orchards, pond, and stream. There are three generations living on the farm. We have begun learning from the previous farm families who lived here and next door, how they did things on the farm in the pioneer days, some precious knowledge that we would like to use and preserve.
We grow and produce using organic and natural methods and ingredients. Our homes/home businesses are powered by solar electricity and heated with wood and solar. We use hay mulch on vegetable gardens and fruit trees, using grass cut by hand scythes (Ethan and Robbie), as well as hay and straw from neighbouring farms.

We often have young adult helpers join us for a few months from the ‘WWOOF’ program (‘World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms’) to apprentice and live on the land, receiving room & board in return for their help.

Home NaturalBuilding Features: Straw Bale, Earth and Lime Plaster, Off-grid

Other GreenBuilding Features: Solar and wood hot water, Solar electric PV system, Passive Solar, Rainwater collection system, many more features.

DrivingDirections: From Hwy 60, between Killaloe and Wilno turn south onto Simpson PitRoad, right onto Mountainview Rd to #3416. Follow signs along the driveway.

Learn more about this home at this year’s Green Energy Doors Open event happening all across Ontario a long with Alberta and B.C. This home tour is in collaboration with the Ontario Natural Buildings Coalition and their annual Ontario Natural Buildings Tour.

Homeowners: Christina and Robbie Anderman
Street Name and Number: 3416 Mountainview Rd,  Killaloe ON K0J 2A0
PhoneNumber: 613-757-3044