Northern Nomad – Tiny House Capstone Design Project

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30 - 1September

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Carleton University - Architecture Building


Northern Nomad - Tiny House Capstone Design Project

The Northern Nomad pushes the limits of sustainable building design in Ottawa. It combines new and innovative technologies with the goal of reducing the impact of the built environment.

The project will strive to demonstrate that an Ottawa home with a small building footprint can achieve net-zero energy. It will produce enough renewable energy on site to meet or even exceed the home’s energy needs on an annual basis. This will be achieved using photovoltaic solar panels. Additionally, this project will explore the viability of an Ottawa home achieving net-zero water use by collecting enough water on site to meet the home’s water needs. Various methods of harvesting and purifying rainwater will be explored.

Unlike almost half of Canadian households, Northern Nomad will not use natural gas for heating. Heating will be provided by an electric heat pump and a combination of effective insulation materials.



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