High Performance Home / Solar Panels / Green Roof

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23 - 24September

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

20A Senlac


High Performance Home / Solar Panels / Green Roof


  • 20A Senlac is the first modular home in Canada with both PV solar panels and an integrated green / living roof to be certified LEED Gold.

  • It is a very nice home in which to live – bright, airy, well climatized, and highly efficient.

  • It is well sited on a ravine and adjacent to transit and ravine walkways, together with useful community resources – a very walkable neighbourhood.

  • Built with modular construction, there was low wastage and high construction quality. Fittings / appliances were selected for efficiency, recyclabilty and close manufacturing proximity.

  • Ultra-low VOC paint, groundwater heatpump, LED’s, FSC timber and use of recycled materials lower the overall global impact.

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