Feilders Green Home Tour brought to you by BurlingtonGreen

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22 - 24September

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Feilders Green Home


Feilders Green Home Tour brought to you by BurlingtonGreen

BurlingtonGreen and Jim Feilders are excited to welcome you to the Feilders Home Tour. The tour is part of BurlingtonGreen’s “Make the Switch” Program, an initiative to encourage people to transition to environmentally responsible alternatives in transportation and home heating solutions. This single family home is healthy, comfortable, low carbon emission and energy efficient. The passive solar orientation, insulated building envelope and air source heat pump results in heating/cooling energy about 90% less than the surrounding homes. The carbon emissions are also as low.

Even with electricity costs being higher than natural gas, the total cost of heating and cooling is less than with a natural gas heating and electric cooling system. With no humidifier or dehumidifier, the humidity stays within the ideal range all year long. No shocks at light switches or dry skin in the winter. Temperatures are equal throughout the home. More than 20 eco-friendly features enable the toxin free construction to provide a fresh air feeling. Water consumption is reduced through low flow fixtures and a greywater system.

The added cost of construction has a payback of about 9 years after which, the savings on energy and water keep accumulating. The added financing costs per month are less than the energy savings so the cash flow is positive from day one. The associated solar electric tracker on a relative’s farm under the microFIT program results in not only a net zero energy balance but also pays about half the property taxes. A sample solar panel with battery and inverter are on display for education purposes.

For emergencies due to power outages, the critical appliances such as refrigerator and sump pump are powered by an inverter connected to the owner’s Prius. The Prius automatically turns the gasoline engine on and off to charge the batteries which power the inverter as needed. This is unlike fossil fuel generators that run constantly at the
same output and fuel consumption regardless of the electrical load. This system was tested recently when a 5 hour power outage occurred and the system worked flawlessly during a week of rain and constant sump pump operation.

Click here to watch a video about Jim’s home –> http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid3639525017001?bckey=AQ~~,AAABxDRY1hk~,naiX_01cLBZbZD86Uq_yW_7Wf3vV05qO&bctid=3890097386001



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