Electronic Waste Recycling / Refurbishing

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22 - 23September

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Free Geek Toronto


Electronic Waste Recycling / Refurbishing

Free Geek Toronto plays an ambitious role, helping to safely divert part of the over 725 metric tonnes of e-waste Canadians generate each year, while also ensuring those without proper access to digital technology or training do not become displaced from either the workforce or modern life.

Free Geek Toronto’s unique approach addresses each of these issues by combining knowledge sharing and skills development with recycling and refurbishment programs to provide affordable equipment for individuals and organizations along with essential work and life skills to staff, employment program participants, and volunteers.

The results are significant; e-waste is diverted from landfills so that items are reused rather than discarded, while community members from all over Toronto gain valuable job skills, computers, and access to the opportunities afforded by technology. In the past 2 years alone, Free Geek Toronto’s impact on the community includes:

  • refurbishing over 350 laptops and desktops, over half of which sold for under $200
  • granting an additional 50 machines to people who face barriers to access through our Bridging the Digital Divide Program
  • collecting, diverting and recycling over 100,000 pounds of e-waste;
  • providing nearly 100 participants from the community with the skills and knowledge to properly use and maintain technology

Free Geek Toronto is an important member of the community, providing valuable experience to over 30 people through employment and engaging over 200 volunteers since 2014 (when we moved to our current location), and offering fulfilling full- and part-time employment to the current staff of seven.