Building Better: Solacity’s net-positive solar shop

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1 October

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Tour Solacity's Solar, Straw-Bale, Geothermal Office & Warehouse


Building Better: Solacity's net-positive solar shop

We believe that there is a need to build better buildings, without breaking the bank. The Solacity building in Kemptville is a showcase of what can be done with modest means; most of what is incorporated will work equally well for residential as for commercial structures.

With 118 kW of solar PV on its roof, the building is net-positive in a big way: It produces more than twice what it uses, including space heating!

To meet the demand for future electrical transportation, there is a level-3 (DCFC) electric car fast-charger in the parking lot, together with a level-2 charger for employees.

The Solacity building is a 9000 sq. ft. single-story structure, with around 2000 sq. ft. of office space. It is designed and constructed to be “greener” without breaking the bank:

  • The building is all-electrical, no fossil fuels, and net-positive in energy use.
  • The office section uses passive solar as part of its heating.
  • The office makes use of day-lighting (natural light) through light-shelves and large windows.
  • Insulation values are well beyond the industry standard.
  • The building is designed to be as air-tight as we can make it.
  • It uses strawbale for most of the walls.
  • Heating is provided by a geothermal heat-pump, with in-floor hydronic heating.
  • The roof area has 118 kW of solar PV under the Ontario FIT program.
  • The roof is covered with highly reflecting galvalume, to keep solar heat gain in summer minimal.
  • Energy-efficient lighting through LED and T5 fixtures.
  • Very highly insulating triple-pane windows.
  • No need for air-conditioning in summer due to high thermal mass and insulation.
  • Level-3 (DCFC) electric car fast-charger in the parking lot.

You can read the story of its design and construction, with lots of pictures. Come see it for yourself!



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