About OSEA

Green Energy Doors Open is an initiative of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

OSEA is a respected advocate, facilitator, and business catalyst bringing the public, commercial and community sustainable energy sector and their supporters together to address emerging trends and the development of healthy, prosperous and ecologically sustainable communities.

OSEA envisions that together we are building a prosperous Ontario with a thriving sustainable energy sector, good jobs, resilient communities and healthy environments powered, heated, cooled and moved by portfolios of sustainable energy.

OSEA’s advocacy led to the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program in 2006 and the Green Energy Economy Act in 2009, and with our vision we seek to advance community and commercial sustainable energy even further in Ontario. Our members can get involved in various committees and working groups to participate directly in shaping current policy & regulatory issues.

Please visit www.ontario-sea.org for more information